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Taganrog on old card

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A.S.Suvorin and To °

Изд. Counteragencies A.S.Cuvorina and To 0. Fototipija Sherer, Nabgolts and to 0., Moscow. (The edition of Counteragency A.S.Cuvorina and To 0, the Press: Fototipija Sherer, Nabgolts and To 0., Moscow).

Alexey Sergeevich Suvorin (1834-1912) - the known Petersburg journalist and the publisher, the owner of the newspaper “New time”, magazine “Historical bulletin”. Had a book-publishing firm - the largest in Russia on release of specific cards of cities of Russia. Publishing house A.S.Cuvorina rented at Ministry of Railways book and news-stands at all railway stations of Russia and published post cards with kinds of cities and station settlements. At one time was on friendly terms with A.P.Chehovym and printed its products.

Alexander's palace.

Now children's sanatorium "O«»«?±¬" on street Greek

Kind on a city and мор.

Building on Petrovsky where long time was cafe "Old fortress"

Card with a card Ekaterina's желеной roads and eight kinds of cities of this road

One of kinds Station of Taganrog