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Taganrog on old card

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Шведиков and Lukyanenko

Изд. T-va Shvedikov and Lukyanenko. (The edition of Association Shvedikov and Lukyanenko.

P.A.Shvedikov and I.D.Lukjanenko were co-owners of clerical shop along the street Petrovsky, 15 (nowadays №43) and were engaged also in the edition of post specific cards of Taganrog.

Palace of Emperor Alexander.

(Now children's sanatorium "O«»«?±¬" on street Greek)

Chapel of the Palestinian Society

Now on its place a many-storeyed apartment house, was in area of Komsomol descent

Четырёхклассное female schools.

The building has not remained, is destroyed in 1977, now on its place parking place

New market.

The architecture has completely remained, now here too shops and public transport stops (the Even party of street of Chekhov near the Central market).