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Taganrog on old card

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Photographic postcards

Photographic cards because of small circulations, exist in individual and several copies, therefore it is possible to consider them as the most rare
Cards of Taganrog.

The made photos in the way and having post разграфление on the address party, passed mail basically abroad - they are high-grade cards as cards of such large publishing houses as Suvorina, Kotragenstva of the press, etc. which have been let out by very big circulations and meet very often.

Postcard depicting the graduates Mitavskoy Gymnasium in Taganrog in 1916 (Mitavskaya school was evacuated in Taganrog during the First World War, was located in the building of this building and the University).

Very rare card, known in one copy (from the archive beloemmigranta in Western Europe).