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Taganrog on old card

The site is devoted history of Taganrog


In this section cards let out to 1917г are presented., on which Alexander's portraits I are presented and its associates, a reproduction of pictures on cards on which its meetings with Napoleon, engravings, medals devoted to Alexander I are represented

Alexander I (1777-1825 гг) the Emperor of Russia. For the first time has visited Taganrog in 1818г., again in the autumn 1825г., having lived here before the sudden death in Taganrog (under the official version) or leaving in other life (on a legend, as Feodor Kuzmicha in Siberia). During reign has founded the State Council and the ministries, has cancelled tortures, has equipped Krusenstern's first Russian round-the-world expedition, has based some higher educational institutions. Has considerably expanded the Russian empire for the account of joining of Finland, Poland, Bessarabia, a part of Transcaucasia. Has won Napoleon, for what "Blessed" Alexander I has received the name had special goodwill to Taganrog, has made much for its development. Under its permission the first man's grammar school has been based, the commercial court, building committee is opened, the Taganrog customs district is created, the Pharmaceutical garden is broken. Till now there is a legend that under the pretext of Alexander I other person has been buried, and he has lived in Siberia to 1864г. Under a name of aged man Feodor Kuzmicha.