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The Crimean war

In 1853 the Crimean war has begun. Taganrog was объвлен on the martial law, on May, 22nd, 1855 the English-French squadron has appeared on the Taganrog spot-check.

The ultimatum has been shown the authorities of Taganrog, to hand over a city without fight. Military governor Tolstoy has answered the offer on capitulation:" Russian do not hand over the cities ". After that Englishmen and Frenchmen have subjected a city to bombardment in a current 6. 5 hours. Then have landed a landing which attempts to break in a city have been beaten off. Courage таганрожцев has compelled the enemy to act in film from spot-check and to leave. After that was two more attempts to seize Taganrog are undertaken, but they also have ended not successfully for the enemy. Operations in 1855 have brought to Taganrog a damage more than 1 million rbl., 207 structures have been exterminated, damaged 118. For courage and heroism in 1856 the thankful reading and writing has been handed over Taganrog, the city has been carried to 3 category of victims in this war, inhabitants are released from taxes on 1857г., 163 таганрожца all civil guardsmen a medal in memory of war 1853-1856гг have been awarded by awards and the medals., Anisja Ljadova which have repeated a feat of Dashi Sevastopol-medal" For diligence ".