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Taganrog on old card

The site is devoted history of Taganrog


In this section items of mail and letters sent of Taganrog and to Taganrog during the period till 1917 are given.

Envelope of the item of mail from Taganrog to Constantinople 1880г. (Back)

On an envelope the sealing wax press M.G.Chekhov (presumably relative A.P.Chehova in the area of the father)

The item of mail from Taganrog in Meshchyorsky Moscow lips. It is sent in 1910г.

On a card the text: "You asked me dear to send Kohl to you Chekhov's portrait, but I have not found it and I send you street (the kind on a card Chekhov's street) on which lived Chekhov a small house in which he lived too is removed, but the card did not leave yet....."

The item of mail from Taganrog in Morshansk 1917г. With on a card the press of 3rd Kiev schools of ensigns.

The cadet of this school courageously protected a city from большевистких gangs, during revolt red, many of them were lost, taken prisoner have been alive burnt in Metal works furnaces.